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We take an interest in companies that lead to ambitious exits and higher returns on investment.

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At Intrepid, we offer diverse opportunities for transportation, tech start-ups, and small business owners to innovate in the market. We have helped businesses for years and are investing in intelligent systems to deliver higher ROI and environmental sustainability.

We have finance experts to help you throughout the process, participating debentures, and conditional loans based on your business niche. We will guide you throughout the process to reduce risk. Intrepid pursues hybrid investment plans that involve direct investments using venture capital (VC) financing. We manage a diversified portfolio that includes early-stage investments to late-stage growth equity. 

What Sets Us Apart?

We are not just another lending company; instead, we do much more. Along with VC financing, our equity investment approach, vast network, and expert advice help entrepreneurs like you to build world-class top-notch companies.

Our expertise

We have supported hundreds of businesses for years with our team of experts and capital funds.

Our commitment

We are stable and patient investors who are unafraid of risks. We trust your business idea, and we are here to help.

Our network

As the most trusted investor, our doors are always open, and we provide you opportunities that others cannot.

What Do Venture Capitalists Want From You?

There is a myth that venture capitalists invest in just good ideas and good people. At Intrepid, we believe in investing in good industries and revolutionary ideas. So, if you have a scalable business model, large market size, and a team of professionals, we’d love to learn more about you and your vision.

We are currently helping tech start-ups and small businesses. Moreover, you can reach out to us if you have interesting business ideas. We understand that raising VC is quite challenging, but the results can far outweigh the hardship of overcoming the challenges with time. If you plan properly and use a methodological approach, VC financing results will be within your reach.


Perks of Working with Intrepid


We make sure you won't miss out on a single feature of VC. So we give you out of the box support with:

More Than a Venture Capital!

VC helps a business to be stable and streamline its work process. We are the best supporters of entrepreneurs. We take a hands-on approach to make sure that you can innovate your ideas without any financial worries.

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VC is a type of debt financing that investors provide to venture-back and start-up companies with growth potential. The purpose of the venture debt or capital is to fund companies to fulfill their capital expenses like purchasing equipment and more. It generally comes from well-funded investors, banks, and other private financial institutes.

VC tends to be a preferred financial solution to bank loans, especially when VC productivity is high and entrepreneurial productivity is low. If you’re developing complex software, then VC could be the best funding you should opt for. Companies like Intel and Microsoft also received VC funding in the initial stages.

As an entrepreneur, you need to be prepared to obtain VC financing. Follow these steps to get the VC loan:

  • Understand the early stage of VC and how it works.
  • Determine if your company will support VC financing.
  • Work on business pitch and presentation.
  • Find the right VC financing to fund your business.

Venture debt is an obligation and a senior debt secured by the specific equipment or company’s assets. It can be structured in several different ways, but often works on fixed interest payments every month. You can also consider it a risk capital that is less expensive if structured properly. Besides that, capital is also repaid at the end of the term.

The eligibility criteria of VC financing vary from investor to investor. However, the most common requirements are large market size, manageable team members with experience, scalable business models, valuation for good ROI, and the ability to exit for $50 million in 5 years. At Intrepid, we are interested in seeing your path with milestones that allow you to raise larger financing rounds.

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