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The 9th annual SaaStr event is just around the corner! Find out details about the conference and the benefits of attending- here. 

The SaaStr annual conference is one of the largest tech conferences that take place every year. The conference started in 2015 and has continued to grow stronger annually ever since. SaaStr conference usually takes place for three (3) days since its inception, and this year is no exception too.

There are many benefits and opportunities to be realized from this conference, and that’s why in this article, we will discuss why exactly you should attend this conference.

What is SaaStr?

SaaStr annual conference is an avenue that gathers like-minds in the SaaS space in one sitting. These like-minds include SaaS founders, SaaS executives, B2B, SaaS companies, and tech founders. It also includes CEOs of SaaS companies like Zoom, Hubspot, Salesforce Adobe, Google cloud, and many more.

The founder, Jason Lemkin, who founded SaaStr in 2015, aims for the like-minded to discuss and rub minds together on matters concerning the SaaS industry. The SaaStr website is one of the best 100 websites for entrepreneurs, SaaS especially.

Through the years, the SaaStr has gathered these SaaS techies with the following objectives in mind;

  • Discussion of processes involved in the successful development of a SaaS technology.
  • How to strengthen SaaS companies’ brands and improve business growth.
  • Discussion of the benefits of diversity in SaaS technology and space.
  • Provision of expert solutions to possible problems of many SaaS companies.
  • Discussion of cloud-based related ideas and technology.

This conference comes with a lot of opportunities, and anyone even remotely interested in the SaaS space should consider attending the annual conference.

Who Should Attend SaaStr?

SaaStr annual conference is an excellent avenue for everyone interested in and would love to work in the SaaS industry. Whether you own a start-up company or are the CEO of a large SaaS enterprise, whether you are a novice in the SaaS world or an expert, the SaaStr is for you.

Should I Bring My Team To Attend SaaStr?

The answer is Yes, you should. There are lots of benefits for your team to gain from attending the SaaStr conference. The first is that it allows them to meet other people in the SaaS field and gives them a deeper insight into SaaS from the point of view of other SaaS enthusiasts via networking. 

The second is that they can brainstorm and think alike and generate new ideas and fresh opinions from their discussions. Networking helps them clarify certain confusions, educates them on what they don’t know, and even exposes them to aspects they’ve never heard of before in the SaaS space. There are also many lessons to be learned, just like the ones stated in this article.

Reasons To Attend SaaStr

Just like the events that took place last year, the events for the 2022 conference create the following opportunities:

Networking opportunities:

One of the events to take place at the conference is the networking sessions. This session provides a one-on-one session with the SaaS experts and CEOs that will speak at the conference.

Attending the SaaStr 2022 conference exposes you to many opportunities through these networking sessions. You get to meet and talk with experts, CEOs, and founders of tech companies that you won’t ordinarily get to meet regularly on a daily basis. You have the opportunity to share and learn new things.


This event also features workshop sessions for mentoring the attendees. The workshop sessions focus on discussing SaaS topics relevant to the growth of SaaS companies and businesses. These topics are thoroughly elaborated to ease your understanding and assimilation.

How To Attend SaaStr

To attend the SaaStr Annual conference 2022, which will hold from September 13th to September 15th, you need to purchase a ticket on the conference’s website.

There are different price points and offers for SaaS start-ups that you can apply for. There are also early bird ticket offers that you can get as a bonus for your early purchase.

Other than tickets, there are also certain criteria and precautions to take before you can be granted access to the conference. These precautions include:

  • Covid 19 vaccine verification that all attendees must provide
  • A negative covid test within a range of 72hrs till the commencement of the event
  • If you are sick, you are advised to stay back as access will not be granted if you have a fever.

These precautions and some more should be noted to avoid access being denied on the days of the conference.

Advice For SaaStr 2022

To make the most out of the coming SaaStr conference, the following are bits of advice that we would like to give:

Create a planner:

As you now know that the SaaStr is a big event, it is possible that you are unable to meet up with all the conferences, workshops, networking sessions, and other events. To avoid getting overwhelmed, create a planner just for the event and make a list of events you don’t want to miss out on.

This allows you to be organized and not miss opportunities you intend to grab.


A significant event of the SaaStr conference is the networking aspect. For the span of three days, you have to continue networking and networking. Make sure you make use of this judiciously by meeting as many people as possible. Also, bring many of your business cards and your notepad to aid your networking plans.

Enjoy the conference:

As much as these great opportunities are hard to come by and you wouldn’t want to miss out on any, don’t forget to enjoy yourself when entertainment arises. Relax, take a break, wine, and dine, and then continue with the events of the conference.

Who Else Is Attending SaaStr 2022?

Aside from other brilliant SaaS founders and investors, such as Intrepid Finance’s Founder and CEO, Steve Iskander; there are other confirmed top-notch speakers that would be gracing the conference. They include:

Anu Hariharan, Managing Director of YC continuity

Michelle Adams, CRO of Algolia.

Ben Chestnut, CEO of Mailchimp

Elliot Robinson, Partner of Bessemer Venture partners

Michelle Bender, SVP of HubSpot, and many others, as listed in this article.

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