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Anthony Millan, founder of Nextlaw, in this insightful interview led by Steve Iskander of Intrepid

In this insightful interview, Steve Iskander, Founder and CEO of Intrepid, engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Anthony Millan, the innovative founder of Nextlaw. With a rich background in the startup ecosystem, including roles as a scout, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and general counsel, Anthony brings a wealth of experience to the table. The discussion delves deep into the crucial aspects of legal advice for startups, exploring the various pathways to raising capital and the intricacies of launching successful fundraises. Anthony also unveils the disruptive model behind Nextlaw, revolutionizing legal services for startups and emerging growth companies with a focus on productizing legal services and offering predictable legal fees. Join us as we navigate the compelling world of startups, fundraising, and law, guided by Anthony’s extensive experience and innovative approaches, providing an enlightening perspective on legal strategies for new businesses.

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