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Let your revenue work for you using Intrepid’s team of experts and tools that are backed by your financial data. Get a better understanding of your company’s revenue on both a micro and macro level.

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Recurring Revenue Finance
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Are you looking to offset your future recurring revenue? Confused on how to start using your recurring revenue to grow your business? Intrepid Finance is here to help your business thrive, on your own terms.

Use our RRF financial tool today!
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Monthly Recurring Revenue
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Do you know how much revenue your business is generating each month? With Intrepid’s MRR tool you get a snapshot of the bigger picture, giving you a better idea of your monthly revenue.

Make better decisions using our MRR calculator!
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Annual Recurring Revenue
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Intrepid’s Annual Recurring Revenue tool allows you to view your business’ anticipated revenue potential on a larger scale. It’s essential when you’re scaling your business, and Intrepid allows you to view your revenue potential and make decisions backed by your data.

Predict your annual revenue with confidence, using Intrepid Finance.
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Average Revenue Per Account
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Are you looking to measure how much revenue is generated per account and your pricing trends? Want better insights on how much revenue you’re generating per account? Using Intrepid’s ARPA tool you can easily calculate and your company’s revenue per account providing you insights on the average price point your customers have chosen.

View company revenue on a singular level using Intrepid!

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Customer Acquisition Cost
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Using our CAC tool you can easily calculate how much capital you’re spending to secure that new customer account. See how much revenue that account is generating over time by using a combination of our CAC and ARPA tools and view customer life cycles in a new light. 

View your return on investment for any account with our CAC tool!
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