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Skip the dilution of venture and the debt from loans. Access capital from the recurring revenue contracts that you already have in place.

Get paid now with Intrepid and Recurring Revenue Financing!

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Get paid on your own terms

Intrepid has you covered when you want to convert your recurring revenue into upfront capital.

Grow with confidence, focus more on your business and less on finance with help you can count on from Intrepid.

No shortcuts, or dilution – just capital.

Recurring Revenue Financing Calculator

See how much capital you can access today based on your recurring revenue

In a typical Subscription Service a large part of the income is recurring revenue. In your company you might call it Hosting or License. To find your ARR you must take a look at what your clients pay on an annual basis for your recurring services.

Access the Potential of Your Recurring Revenue

Features of Recurring
Revenue Financing

Allow us to take the cash burden off your shoulders

  • Compatible with your financial tools – no changes necessary

  • Monthly statements so you’re always in the know

  • Predictable schedule – no surprises

  • Evolves dynamically with your business needs

What if you lose a customer or a contract ends?
No worries! You just replace that customer with another.

We believe your business should have more options

Funding and finances should be flexible and work with you and your business needs.

Optimize your accounts receivable and even out the cash flow crunch of seasonality, contract negotiations, rising business expenses,  customer acquisition costs, or whatever your business needs are that need  immediate access to your capital, with Intrepid.

Streamline Transparent Process

With Intrepid, you can have control and access to additional growth capital, capital now to grow your business. More capital and more flexibility for founders to grow their companies.

No wait times, no hassles, no gimmicks – just recurring revenue turned capital for a business who has a lot to handle.

Recurring Revenue Financing Resources

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Recurring revenue is any type of revenue that the company receives on a repeatable, frequent and predictable time frame. Typically from contracts that a company has with customers for their services or products.

Typically, recurring revenue is simply calculated by multiplying the number of monthly contracts by the average amount of revenue per contract. For those who have annual contracts, this is then calculated by dividing the annual contract price by 12 then multiplying by the number of customers on this plan.

No. They’ll likely never know so don’t need to tell your clients and customers anything. This is something Intrepid’s Recurring Revenue Finance solution is that your company’s capital tool, and is always considered a private, confidential business matter.

See how easy it can be to turn your recurring revenue into capital.