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It's difficult to know who to trust. Growing businesses need reliable and ethical finance partners.

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It's easy to secure capital if you're willing to pay inflated interest rates.

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Growing businesses need financial solutions that work for you now, and grow with you into the future.

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We’re Intrepid Finance, and we're on a mission to help businesses grow. He's how we take the headache out of finance:

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Working with Intrepid Finance was the right decision for me and my business. With their help, I was able to purchase the equipment we needed. Thanks to Intrepid for all their hard work!
Jeff M.
President, Trucking & Logistics
The Intrepid team helped to ensure we received the capital we needed and built a finance strategy that worked best for us and our situation. Intrepid Finance is a great partner to work with.
Jake O.
CEO, Heavy Machinery Construction
Intrepid Finance was instrumental in our growth journey. As a start-up with limited financial data, we faced roadblocks. Intrepid took the time to understand us and provided the capital we needed.
Brian S.

Intrepid is Your Partner for Growth Capital

If we can't help you secure the growth capital you need, we'll refer you to someone who can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see what you’re looking for speak with an Intrepid Team member. We’re happy to help answer any questions. We know business finance isn’t one size fits all.

The easiest way to speed up the process is to complete the application. The nice thing about that is it’s online and only one page. From there, you’ll have a quick call with one of our finance professionals to review your application and discuss the strategy that’s right for you. It usually takes about 24 hours to receive approval. Once your approved funding usually takes between 24-48 hours.
As we mentioned above, the approval and funding process usually takes about 4 business days. Ensuring your application is complete and quickly responding to any questions from the underwriting team can speed that up that process. We also have resources for quick capital loans. Be sure to let our lending team know what timeline you are working with so they can provide you the best solution possible.
There are three things that we look at cash flow, collateral, and character. Your position in each will help determine which finance product would work best for your situation.

The good news is Intrepid Finance is both a Direct Lender and a Broker. So, we have lots of options no matter what your situation.
Real estate is the most common form of collateral. Collateral can include assets such as vehicles, equipment, machinery, accounts receivable, and more.
We have lots of options for growth capital that don’t require collateral. Oftentimes, people like to include collateral in their financing to help create a more favorable deal.

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