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[Indianapolis, Indiana, November 2020] — Masik Management Group announces the start of ParcelInsights, a premier venture-backed software solution. ParcelInsights helps companies optimize their shipping and warehouse expenses.

30 million packages are delivered every day. 97% of those packages are delivered on time and as expected. When things go wrong shipping carriers will provide a refund. Last year there were 3.5 billion dollars in unclaimed rebates. ParcelInsights saves time and money ensuring users get all eligible rebates. The automation tool monitors carrier accounts for refund opportunities automatically initiating a refund request with the carrier when applicable. 

The ParcelInsights innovative platform does more than audit automation. The technology supports optimization with enriched data, rate monitoring, and compliance verifications as well. Data from multiple sources is incorporated with carrier-provided data, highlighting additional cost savings opportunities. The proprietary software monitors the carrier accounts to ensure users are receiving the best rate available as well as ensuring carriers are contract compliant. 

“This will enable companies to optimize their shipping, saving time and expense. as well as capture the appropriate refunds. Companies will also be able to hold carriers accountable to their contract using our leading-edge technology,” said @Steve Iskander, CEO of Masik Management. “As e-commerce and parcel shipping continues to accelerate, we’re here to help”.

ParcelInsights is a customized technology solution for shipping optimization.

Masik Management Group is a holding company focused on starting, acquiring, and growing companies in various stages of growth.


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