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Intrepid Announces New Recurring Revenue Funding Product

[Indianapolis, Indiana, December 2021] — Intrepid Finance & Venture Co., a Masik Management company, announced the addition of Recurring Revenue Financing to their product offerings as a means to help businesses turn future receivables into today’s working capital.  

Recurring Revenue financing is specifically structured to allow companies who receive recurring revenue payments access to non-dilutive capital advances. The company pledges a percentage of its future revenues in exchange for immediate growth capital. 

“We’ve worked in the transportation industry for years, providing them with a similar but different solution. Recurring Revenue Financing is becoming more popular in the SaaS space. We’ve seen it be a great solution for rapid growth companies who require alternative bridge financing until their next raise, ” said Steve Iskander, Managing Director at Intrepid. “It’s totally changing the way tech companies think about finance, venture raises, and growth capital.”

Making a Change to the Financial Industry

Revenue-based funding is changing the way small to medium-sized businesses are gaining the financial support they need. With revenue-based financing, the amount borrowed is directly correlated to monthly revenue and without dilution, unlike Venture Capital or Angel Investors.

“Intrepid is on a mission to provide affordable, easy-to-access funding for growing companies. This new product offering is changing the way SaaS and other businesses with recurring revenue access growth capital.” Jeanette Renshaw, Director of Strategic Sales and Partnerships at Intrepid. “Historically, SaaS companies’ fundraising may have included giving up equity, whether through Angel Investors or Venture Capital. With Intrepid’s Revenue-Based Financing, there’s now an option for SaaS companies that allows them to take on responsible debt until they’re ready to raise their next round of funding.” 

Intrepid Finance & Venture provides financing and venture capital to companies in various stages of growth with an emphasis on technology and transportation/logistics companies.

Masik Management Group is a holding company focused on starting, acquiring, and growing companies in various stages of growth.


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