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Increase your annualized recurring revenue for your SaaS company – hassle free. If you’re looking to expand the potential of your SaaS startup Intrepid’s got you covered.

With a plethora of valuable tools, we’ve helped companies nationwide take their SaaS companies to the next level. With non-diluted capital, no board seats, or pitches required, Intrepid Finance provides unconstrained growth capital that helps, not hinders your company.

We’re Here for You.

Even with an amazing vision and knack for your niche, you may still feel the financial strain (like most SaaS startups) within the first few years. This may not be because your product or service is lacking but because you don’t have the right tools and capital partner to cater to your specific needs.

We’re Growth Oriented.

Here at Intrepid, we bet on your future growth, not your growth today. This means looking at all angles of your business. We use our financial tools, calculators, and specialists to determine the best way to streamline growth and help you gain the traction you need.
This is why we also can provide a line of credit for you and your company, unlike many of our competitors.

We’re Different, Here’s How

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Specific to SaaS

Intrepid isn’t just any leader in their field, we have copious amounts of experience working specifically with SaaS companies, including multiple exits.

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Non-Diluted Capital

Individuals and companies aren’t required to hold a board seat or pitch to our team in order to be considered for growth capital. We even host a line of credit so that your company can reach that next level.

Scale Without Dilution

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Unconstrained Capital

Unlike some venture capital competitors, angel investors, or traditional institutions, we bet on the future, non dilutive growth of your company. This is why we offer unconstrained capital that allows for more ebb and flow within your business model.

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Gain access to the capital you want, sooner than you think! Here at Intrepid, we thrive on aiding in the growth
of SaaS firms so you have a better chance to take your company to the next level, using our software-as-service
specific tools and access to the free flow of capital.

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