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Empowering Early-Stage Companies with Non-Dilutive Growth Capital

An Interview with Steve Iskander, CEO and Founder of Intrepid Finance

Casey Bolsega: Hey there, Casey with Intrepid Finance, Senior Portfolio Manager, here and excited about our conversation today. I’m joined by Steve Iskander, the founder of Intrepid Finance. Steve, how’s it going today?

Steve Iskander: Hey, great, great. Good morning, Casey.

Casey Bolsega: Well, I’d love for more people to just hear directly from your mouth. What is Intrepid Finance?

Steve Iskander: Ah, Intrepid Finance. Intrepid Finance is a revenue-based financer that provides non-dilutive growth capital to early-stage and scaling companies nationwide.

Casey Bolsega: And why did you start Intrepid Finance? Like what did you see in the market that made you want to capitalize on it?

Steve Iskander: Oh, so I’ve being an early-stage founder myself and working with numerous startups nationwide. I realized that there’s got to be a better way for early-stage companies that can bet on their performance and access growth capital, especially non-dilutive growth capital.

Casey Bolsega: And founders out there right now, any advice for them in terms of what they’re going through, regardless of where they’re at?

Steve Iskander: Ah, two things. One is. Work on accessing growth capital early. If that’s venture capital, private equity, revenue-based financing, or some other source, work on it earlier. It takes a lot longer, and it’s a lot harder of an environment today. And the second is performance. I can’t stress the importance enough of a company to perform, especially early stage, while they’re still trying to gain traction and convince funders to provide them with growth capital.

Casey Bolsega: Awesome. Well, thanks for answering a couple of questions as well as sharing some advice with everyone. Be sure to connect with Steve on LinkedIn and give him a follow if you’re not already. And reach out to either one of us if you have any questions or if we can help with anything else.

Steve Iskander: Sounds good, Casey. Thanks for having me on.

Casey Bolsega: Absolutely. Take care, Steve.

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