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What is Venture Capital?

An Introduction: What is Venture Capital? Are you a co-founder of an innovative startup with the potential for exponential growth? Venture capital is an excellent option for financing ingenious startups. Especially those that need an injection of capital to disrupt an industry.  In 2020, high-growth startups raised more than $130 billion. In addition, more than […]

Prepare Your Venture Capital Application | Intrepid Finance

Prepare Your Venture Capital Application

Great business ideas are often limited by a lack of capital. Without growth capital, innovative ideas remain as seeds, without the water and sunlight needed to grow into a thriving enterprise.  In 2020, the US venture capital industry contributed approximately $548 billion in US venture capital assets under management. That’s a large injection of resources […]

Here’s What You Need to Know Before Seeking Venture Capital? | Intrepid Finance

Here’s What You Need to Know Before Seeking Venture Capital?

Is your business on the verge of explosive success and simply needs an injection of capital? Innovation and entrepreneurship play a vital role in a growing economy. Growth capital can help transform business ideas into a thriving operation with the potential to disrupt the marketplace.  Venture capital is one of the most common types of […]


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