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Swing Logic's Growth Story:

Scaling a Start-up with the help of Intrepid Finance

Introducing Swing Logic:

The Future of Golf Simulation Technology

Swing Logic is revolutionizing the golfing industry with its cutting-edge golf simulator technology. The company, founded by avid golfer Brian Simmons, offers golf enthusiasts a realistic and immersive golfing experience from anywhere.

Before working with Intrepid Finance, Swing Logic was a relatively small company with limited resources. “We were a new company that had limited financial data. When we were looking for different types of financing, we were really running into a wall because we were so new,” says Brian Simmons, the CEO of Swing Logic


Before Intrepid Finance:

Understanding Swing Logic's Challenges

Swing Logic faced a number of challenges during its growth, including limited access to traditional debt channels, inventory issues, and high supply chain costs. These challenges presented obstacles to the company’s continued growth, but it was able to overcome them with the help of Intrepid Solutions.

“Our biggest challenge was scaling our business to meet the growing demand for our products,” said Simmons. “We were faced with the challenge of expanding our supply chain to reach new markets while still maintaining the high quality of our products.”

Intrepid Finance's Solution for Swing Logic:

Unlocking Efficient Growth Capital:

According to Brian, Intrepid’s understanding of the challenges faced by new companies and their willingness to be flexible in their solution offerings made them a good fit for Swing Logic. Despite being a small team, Intrepid took the time to get to know Brian and his past and was able to provide access to growth capital that helped Swing Logic grow. 

The growth capital provided by Intrepid allowed Swing Logic to increase their inventory and overcome its minimum required manufacturing order to reduce freight costs, which had been hindering its growth. Intrepid was also open to providing a second level of additional growth capital later in the year, which allowed Swing Logic to further accelerate its growth.

“Intrepid took some time to get to know me and my past from kind of a diligence perspective to work with us and they were able to be creative with me. They give us some access to capital, that really helped us out with our growth early on.”

How Intrepid Finance Helped Swing Logic Dramatically Increase Business Through Accessible GROWTH CAPITAL:

Intrepid provided the growth and flexibility that Brian Simmons needed to help his golf simulator hardware company, Swing Logic, succeed. Despite being a new company with limited financial data, Intrepid was able to provide Swing Logic with access to growth capital.

Swing Logic has successfully overcome its manufacturing minimums and supply chain challenges and has secured a contract with one of the largest wholesale retail giants in the world. With the signing of this contract, Swing Logic has cemented its position as a leading player in the industry and is poised to make significant headway in the market. 


“We wanted to grow and needed access to capital to be able to accomplish that. We were a start-up company, and we’ve gone from essentially zero in sales to having a 20,000 unit contract.”

Swing Logic Achieves Substantial Growth

with the help of Intrepid:

“As a new company with limited financial data, we were having trouble finding growth capital options that worked for us. Intrepid, took the time to understand our challenges and needs. They were creative in providing us with short-term capital that helped us grow our inventory and overcome some of our early challenges.

Intrepid’s flexibility and understanding of startups were a major appeal to us. They were able to provide capital faster and with fewer barriers and red tape. For companies that are trying to think outside the box for solutions, Intrepid is definitely an avenue I’d suggest.”

Access Growth Capital for Your Start-Up:

If you’re looking to scale your business and take advantage of growth opportunities, consider working with Intrepid Finance. Their team will support you and help you gain access to the growth capital you need to take your business to the next level. Contact us today to learn more.



October 2021

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